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Elite Exposure & Explosive Growth

Let’s get your business the visibility you deserve by dominating the search engine rankings. We lead your ideal customers right to your door. Our SEO methodology drives more customers to your website, and services than any other online marketing strategies out there.

Increase Revenue

ROI is the bottom line. We grow companies with an unlimited stream of inquiries & customers who want to purchase your goods and services.


We want to be your business partner. This means we will align our success with yours. As your partner we are here to help you with any question or problems, we won’t be a faceless organization you have trouble tracking down. Let’s work together to succeed.

Transparent Reporting

We send monthly reports with ranking updates using tools that pull data directly from Google, to ensure our clients are aware of what’s going on in their business. We also let you know of changes in the industry, advising recommendations to help secure your business online.


Our Proprietary SEO Methodology we call GROWTH (Google Relationship Optimization)+ (Website Technical Health) was developed from white hat SEO techniques we have picked up from working with some of the top SEO’s in the world. We belong to several mastermind groups that allow us to network on a daily basis and stay on top of the most cutting-edge tactics to get you results. All the best SEO knowledge at your company’s disposal.

Dominate Google

We don’t stop at ranking for a handful of key terms. We work to make your business a dominating force in your local area and take up as much real estate on page one of Google & Bing as possible. We even have a secret strategy that will funnel traffic away from your competitors before a search is even completed! Can you imagine what percentage of market share you would ow we got people to going directly to your website or maps listing instead of viewing all your competitors first? This unfair advantage we give you over your competitors is not available from any other SEO Agency.

Done In-House

We don’t cut corners, all work is performed by our team of internet marketing professionals.

Zero Long-Term Contracts Required

We don’t have to lock you in to long-term contracts. We are so confident in our services that we know that you will want to work with us.  if we don’t deliver fire us! We deliver results based packages so that we can quickly bring you the results you are looking for.

With Results That Speak For Themselves

Our Agency has ranked our clients on page #1 for multiple cities all over the country above their competition.

Why not work with the best?

+41K Searches Per Month  350 Page #1 Keyword Rankings for high value search terms using our SEO + Paid Fuel [ SPEED SEO] system

Choosing an SEO Company is serious business. Your business is on the line here, and you want to choose the best company to partner with.

Time is always going to be working against you in your efforts to gain visibility in the organic search results. Each day that passes your competition is pouncing on your potential customers and stealing your income.

So, what goes into choosing the best SEO to partner with?

To make the job easier for selecting the right company, here are eleven tips for grading agencies, so that you choose a company that is affordable, professional, and efficient.

SEO analysis

1. Size of Your Company

Choose an SEO company that offers different price points. SEO is NOT going to be the same for all businesses.

Elite Results Marketing knows that every business has different goals and we make adjustments to your marketing strategies accordingly to accommodate.

Don’t work with an SEO company that is willing to offer you a price before they know anything about your business or goals. This is a sure-fire sign that they apply a very cookie cutter formula and will ultimately fall short when it comes to the results department.

Don’t be seduced by their ultra-low-price points either. SEO is not a cheap investment when it is done correctly, but it is the only marketing strategy that will continue to bring more and more results without increasing your monthly marketing budget.

2. Advanced Understanding of Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization on your website is the heart of your SEO Campaign. It will determine how the search engine “spiders” determine where your site should rank and how effectively the consumer will be able to find you when searching on Google.

At Elite Results Marketing, we take the content you already have and analyze it. We then determine if we need to add or adjust the keywords until it is truly optimized. We will also consult on alternative keyword targets that perhaps you haven’t even thought about. The overall projected plan is to increase your page rank and customer traffic.

Additionally, you will receive a detailed analysis showing how the right keywords are increasing that traffic so that we can determine which search queries should be receiving the most attention.

3. Change in The Market

It is no secret that Google makes algorithm updates all the time. Many SEO’s are applying shady “Black Hat” SEO tactics that can get your site penalized and perhaps cripple your business. Then there are SEO’s that are not intentionally applying shady techniques they just don’t have a sophisticated grasp on the algorithms or Googles policies. It’s only by understanding these algorithms and policies and being able to make adjustments quickly, that we ensure your hard-earned rankings are not compromised.

Elite Results Marketing is part of Global Marketing Masterminds that are always testing and improving techniques. Time is spent speaking directly to Google representatives to stay ahead of changes that can impact your business. We keep our finger on the pulse of the market so we can continue to deliver rock solid results for your business every month.

4. Award Winning Customer Service & Communication

No one wants to work with a marketing company that is nameless and faceless.  If a company takes your money and you never hear from them again …run the other direction as fast as you can.

Elite Results Marketing is going to work with you directly. You will have access to contact us and speak face to face (perhaps virtual) to discuss your campaign. With today’s technology, there is no reason (no matter where you are located) that you can’t have a video call with a real living breathing person. We will talk you through your SEO campaign so that you feel comfortable and confident about what is going on with your business.

5. Speed

ROI (Return on Investment) is the name of the game. If you are spending thousands of dollars every month…you want to see results. Right?!

Most Search Engine Optimization companies are likely to provide the typical “six to eight-months to rank”  projection of results. While this is not far from the mark on many competitive terms, Elite Results Marketing (ERM) develops its strategies in such a way that we start putting money back in your pocket far quicker.

We never lock you into a contract because we pride our selves on earning your business every month. One of the ways we do that is we start getting you results in as little as a few weeks sometimes. Our proprietary methods have allowed us to deliver results faster than other SEO’s time and again and that is why our clients continue to choose us over our competitors.

6. Efficiency

Efficiency is going to determine how quickly and what kind of results an SEO is able to get with the budget that you give them. If there isn’t a strong understanding of ranking factors that actually move the needle on your business, your monthly budget will be blown through with very little to show for it.

Elite Results Marketing has compiled and maintained a list of strongest ranking factors over time. This list gives us the means of quickly and efficiently correcting the ranking factors on your site that matter.

Before we are even willing to work with you, we will grade your web presence with our proprietary Road Map Audit. This audit will highlight a list of ranking factors that are holding your site back from seeing results. What we do is very scientific and our results are repeatable. Our partners do not rank by accident.  The custom 90-day plan we build for your site is going to be a set of procedures to correct those debilitations to bring your site up to Elite Standard.

7. Paying for Quality Service

It takes a fair amount of work for a search engine marketing company to develop stratagems that work; stratagems that continue to find high-ranking keywords with money making traffic.

Obviously, if you are paying rock bottom pricing, then you shouldn’t expect much of a return. On the other hand, you shouldn’t have to overpay for results either. A professional SEO expert will charge a reasonable price for their services and stand behind their work.

That is another reason the ERM does not expect you to work under a long-term contract. We EARN the right to charge a premium every single month with each and every partner

8. Developing Linking Strategies that are future proof

We already discussed how the market changes and that Google is known for wiping people out with their algorithm updates. However, something to specifically take note of is how they are providing you backlinks. If they don’t have a future proof way to bring in solid links you can be proud of or depend on, then you have a business model that won’t hold up. Elite Results Marketing is continuously exploring new white hat methods to ensure you have a constant flow of sustainable backlinks that will power your site and won’t be at risk under the scrutiny of Google’s microscope…

9. Reputation management

Without a solid reputation, online ranking doesn’t really matter all that much. With access to so many data sources, your potential clients are going to spend an extra couple of minutes to research your brand so that they can uncover any reason they shouldn’t spend their hard-earned money with you, and rightfully so.

We all want to make sure that we are spending our money with the best possible provider of a service or product. However, there is no reason that a single customer with a bad experience should be deterring others from you providing exceptional service to everyone else.

Elite Results Marketing is going to help you with reputation management strategies that directly complement the search engine marketing we do to protect and grow your brand.

10. Conversion

Another service that is often overlooked and not offered by other agencies is ‘Conversion Rate Optimization. Being able to rank your site is wonderful but it does not mean that the money is going to flow in. We are going to be optimizing your site and other web properties not only for search engines but also for (UX) user experience and conversion. Our team will consult with you how to strategically add calls to actions make suggestions on the website’s copy to drive sales.

Without this, rankings will merely be bragging rights. It’s definitely not going to yield sustainable results. So be sure that when you select an agency this is something they bring up and understand the importance of.

11. Understanding the End Game

One of the main reasons most business owners are choosing to work with Elite Results Marketing is because we are one of the few companies that follow through on their promises. We will be transparent upfront and honest with you in all of our dealings and we deliver results!

The marketing strategies we utilize are going to drive targeted customer traffic to your products and services, which in turns grows your customer base and revenues. We have a whole page dedicated to testimonials from people who have worked with us that have seen amazing results.

If we could make your business #1 in Google for your local area would that be enough?

Bottom line…

If your website is not on page 1 of Google for your business, products, or services, then you are losing money to your competitors that rank ahead of you.

If you find yourself asking yourself “why do I need local SEO Expert?”

Listen, the internet, along with a smartphone has changed the marketing game, it has replaced the phone book and people have turned to local searches to find businesses in their area that can meet their needs. If you want to capture that business, you need to be armed with an SEO strategy.

We get your website mobile optimized and found on Google, Bing, Siri, Alexa, and maps so that you dominate your competition.

So you have 3 options

  1. You choose to do nothing, continue struggling to bring in new customers.
  2. You look for the cheapest SEO provider you can find and hope that you get at least your money’s worth.


Option 3  You can be like most open-minded business owners and take us up on our complimentary consultation and website analysis, So you can find out what changes you need to make in order to improve your business and beat your completion.

If you picked option 3 here is what happens next. Click the link below to fill out a brief discovery form (should only take 2 mins). Then we will conduct our Video Road Map Analysis. Once you have watched the video we will be in touch to go over the results with you.

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