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7 Biggest Mistakes Chiropractors Make Setting up Their Websites For Lead Generation 

When someone visits your site, you only have a matter of seconds to convey your message. Because of this, your site must provide a positive experience. There are many common mistakes that chiropractors and other medical professionals make when they set up their sites that can completely ruin their marketing efforts. This guide can help you avoid these mistakes to improve lead generation, user-friendliness, SEO rankings, and more, to help you grow your chiropractic business.

These days, a bad website can hurt your practice. A website is a very important digital marketing asset for your chiropractic business. A potential patient can use your site to learn about the services you offer, who you are, and make assumptions regarding your credibility and quality of service, based on what they see on your site.

Improving website performance and search engine optimization should be part of every chiropractic marketing strategy.  According to research, most people form an instantaneous reaction to a site based on what they find on the home page. If a chiropractor’s site has outdated or inaccurate information, poor web design, slow loading speeds, and other issues, it can cause a potential patient to leave the website in search of a more professional site that has accurate and helpful information.

If your website isn’t attractive, has a poor layout, and is not helping you generate leads, you may have made major mistakes that are preventing your practice from growing and thriving.

Your Website Does not Tell the Visitor What Your Company Does and that They're in the Right Place.

This is one of the biggest marketing mistakes chiropractors make. When potential patients visit your website they are often looking for information on services available, who you and your team are, or they need information that can help them solve a specific problem. If the site layout is confusing, things are written in a manner that's unclear, a potential patient will leave your site, unsure of what your practice is about and how you can help them.

You need to focus on your message and keep things simple. The language used should be focused on what you do and what services you offer. Even if the services you offer are complex, you must use simple terms.

Your Website is Missing the Mark on SEO Best Practices.

Even if you have incorporated some SEO practices to help rank your website, you must follow new SEO strategy developments and stay on top of search engine algorithm updates. SEO can be very complex, especially considering it’s constantly changing. With the right tools and strategy, you can identify SEO mistakes that you have made that are preventing your site from growing.

Common SEO mistakes include:

  • No structured data
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Unoriginal content
  • Weak content
  • Poor back-linking strategies or no back-linking strategy
  • Wrong target keywords
  • Images that are not optimized
  • No internal linking
  • No analytics tools
  • Sitemaps with errors or no sitemaps

And many other issues.

If you ignore these SEO issues, it can destroy your current SEO strategy and harm your site.

Your Website is Slow. 

Many people that visit a site expect a page to load instantly. The majority of site visitors will immediately leave or not return to sites with slow loading speeds. The longer a site visitor has to wait for your page to load the sooner they will leave your site to look for another chiropractor in their area, one that has a fast and fully functional site.

You Have Social Media Icons On the Top of Your Website. 

Social media icons are large and colorful. Placing these icons in the header is a common mistake many chiropractors make. When your social media icons are located at the top of your page, it detracts from the important information on your site and can encourage the visitor to click on the icons, causing them to leave. 

You can still use social media icons, but place them in the footer instead. This way, your site visitors will click on the icons once they have finished reading the information on your home page.

You've Got Image Issues OR You Went Color Crazy OR Your Website Has Font Fever. 

Creating a website for your chiropractic facility can be exciting. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of going overboard with the colors, font type, and font size used. 

The goal is to create a site that is attractive and contains information that is easy to read.

Many people make the mistake of:

  • Using the wrong fonts
  • Using too many different types of fonts
  • Using a font that is too large or too small
  • Using font styles that are difficult to read

Choosing the right font for your site can be tricky. However, if you choose the wrong type, it can hinder user experience and can cause a site visitor to quickly leave.

When you choose a font, keep it simple and ensure the font is legible. 

Many chiropractors also run into issues with the images they use. Images are a crucial part of any marketing strategy. A post with images receives over 90% more views compared to posts without images.

Mistakes to avoid with images include:

  • Using images that are too large or small
  • Not renaming a file
  • Not adding an image description
  • Using the wrong file extension
  • Using low-quality or distorted, blurry images

High-quality and relevant images will improve visitor engagement. Each image on your site should have an underlying goal. Using low-quality images confuses visitors and undermines your credibility.

Poor-quality images can hurt your website and cause a potential patient to quickly leave. Investing in high-quality, relevant images for your site is crucial.

Your Website Navigation Needs Some Guidance OR You Don't Have a Site Search Feature. 

Even if you have an attractive website, complete with a professional design, a potential patient will still exit your site if there are navigation issues. Poor navigation will make conversion impossible. A site’s navigation must be smooth and seamless, allowing a visitor to find their way around easily. Labels and categories must be clear, organized, and easy to read. If your site also lacks a search feature, this can also make it more difficult for a visitor to find their way around your site.

If a visitor is unable to find the information they’re looking for, after a click or two, they will leave.

Your Contact Information is Hard to Find OR You Have a Boring About Us page. 

If you have outdated or missing contact information, you’ll lose a potential patient, quickly. You must make it easy for a visitor to locate your contact information. You should include your:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Social media links 

These details can be included on your home page and your About Us page.

Check that your contact information is complete and current. Having the wrong phone number or email address on your site will give the visitor the impression that your office is not professional or organized.

You should also focus on creating an engaging About Us page one that conveys your message, who you are, what services you offer, and how you can help. If an About Us page is lacking information or is boring, you’re steering people away from your site. Your About Us page should be personable to create a connection with a visitor.

Working With a Digital Marketing Team 

With the busy schedule that comes with running a successful chiropractic office, you don't have the time to stay on top of a digital marketing strategy. You may not know how to generate fresh leads or what marketing approach to use to attract potential patients to your site.

It's time to work with a leading digital marketing firm. 

At Elite Results Marketing, we can evaluate your website and create a chiropractic digital marketing strategy that's unique and based on your specific needs. We know how important it is to implement an effective marketing strategy for your medical practice. 

We can provide services that will:

  • Build trust 
  • Draw attention to your brand 
  • Improve audience engagement 
  • Improve the user experience on mobile devices 
  • Generate chiropractic leads

And more. 

The digital marketing team at Elite Results Marketing can help you deliver a better customer experience. 

Our services can make it much easier for potential patients to find your website. A good SEO marketing strategy can help prospective patients learn about your practice and the services you offer.

With the right digital marketing strategy, you can experience a steady stream of high-quality leads, which can be a game changer for your practice.

These days, traditional marketing techniques don’t work. People now seek out information online, researching local chiropractic treatment available and deciding whether or not to book an appointment, based on what they find on your site. Essentially, digital marketing aligns with how people want to receive information about services and products.

Additionally, because digital marketing is more affordable than other forms of marketing, it works with most marketing budgets and allows you to invest in on-page SEO and other effective marketing techniques for your website.

If you've exhausted your marketing efforts and need a solid marketing strategy, it's time to work with a digital marketing agency that can improve healthcare lead generation and promote practice growth. 

Contact ERM Today 

As a business owner in the healthcare field, you have many things to juggle, including running your practice. If you want an attractive, user-friendly site that generates leads, consider hiring a professional SEO marketing and web design firm that can provide the marketing services you need to improve visibility and help you reach a wider audience. At Elite Results Marketing, we can ensure your website generates leads for your chiropractic practice by improving user experience, creating a mobile-friendly website, improving SEO and CRO, site speed, and much more. In addition to web design and SEO optimization, we can also help develop an effective content marketing strategy to attract new visitors. 

If you’re ready to grow your practice and take a proactive approach to your online marketing strategy, contact the team at Elite Results Marketing today.