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Elite Results Marketing is a leading Search Engine Marketing firm built to over-deliver and outperform for every partner it accepts. They have gathered many of the best SEO strategists and lead generation experts from all over the globe. By employing cutting edge marketing tactics and inventing new methodologies like Elite GROWTH, they have found success where others have not. Kraig Bond and his team strive to be honest and transparent with their customers and to consistently deliver results. While they don’t guarantee rankings, they do deliver undeniable value for their partners and promise professional services backed by results.

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The Founder

Kraig Bond- Elite Results Marketing SEO - Owner
Kraig Bond

Kraig Bond is the founder of Elite Results Marketing has over 10+ years of combined experience in eCommerce, Social Media Marketing , SEO , and business and project management.

Kraig has rapidly become an expert in his field when it comes to SEO. With his background in technology, he has worked closely with many different industries and has been able to help dozens of companies achieve their marketing goals.

He has built a team of individuals that are able to provide top quality SEO campaigns that are responsible for helping companies that have generated Millions of dollars worth of successful business every year.

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