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Case Studies

Dr. Zach Bruley & Evan Norum

Advantage Chiropractic

Higher Visibly In Search
#1 For Neuropathy Chiropractic
43% Increase In Phone Calls
First Time Calls Tracked In First 90 Days
139% Traffic Increase
Organic Traffic Increase In The First 4 Months

With a standard Perfect Patients website that wasn't cutting it and not much in the way of support from them, when Advantage chiropractic was referred to the team at Elite we were excited to reinvent their website and help them gain much-needed traction in organic visibility. After only a few short months of working with our team, I think they would agree that they noticed not just a difference in organic engagement but an increase in new patient starts that originated from Google.

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Dr. Tamra Schue

Altaire Clinic

600%+ Increase In Calls
From 200 to Over 700 Calls in A Month
Organic Traffic Increase
20% Increase In Monthly Organic Traffic
Increase Local Visibility
Increase in Google Maps Visibility by 48%

As a leading Medical Spa with significant goals of expanding into the family medical space our goal and objective on this project was to get the visibility and attention that they deserve as well as create a beautiful site that is easy to navigate for their customers and eliminates confusion in order to provide a great user experience. With these core focuses in mind, we were able to have a significant impact on traffic and conversion for the business.

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Jon Jouvenaux

BBB Septic Solutions

Generates $3 Million in Revenue
Ranks #1 In Search
Completely Dominates Search For All Primary Keywords
Consistent Steady Progress
Year over Year continuous growth

As the first ever SEO partner of Elite Results Marketing. It is a testament to our desire to create long-term relationships with our clients; BBB Septic has been with us since the beginning and continues to trust our team to help promote growth year over year. When BBB Spetic started with Elite Results Marketing they had an essential Yodle website and were trying to crack the code to rank in Google.

Project >
Dr. Ryan Carlson

Deep Roots Health Center

$2 Million Dollars
Single Location Practice Generating $2,000,000 + Per Year
1.5X PPC Returns
$20-$25 Leads
700%-900% ROI
5-12 New Patient Starts Per Month

Dr. Ryan and his practice found Elite results marketing over 2 years ago and started working with us. In under 4 years, he has grown his single location practice to over $2 Millon a year in revenue. Ryan is an amazing chiropractor that is dedicated to his practice and intent on sharing his neurological-based chiropractic care with the world. He travels the globe to 4 continents to teach other chiropractors how to grow their own practices.

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GCS Glass & Mirror Team

GCS Glass & Mirror

3 To 7 Locations
Growth from 3 locations to 7 in under a year
Inc 5000
Acknowledged as one of the fastest growing companies in America
National & Local
Rankings For Top Keyword Terms Nationally & Locally

GCS Glass & Mirror has now multiple years in a row been featured as an INC 5000 Business and acknowledged as one of the fastest growing businesses in its industry in America.  Providing top-of-the-line gorgeous glasswork as well as amazing steelwork and wine cellars is what they do. As a company dedicated to its growth, they have focused and invested heavily in digital marketing. When they came to Elite Results Marketing they were in the middle of launching a new website and knew that Local & National SEO needed to be part of their strategy.

Project >
Nathan Anderson

Lost Valley Pump Service

$ 800,000
First Year Revenue
Profitable 1st Year
900% ROI In The First Year In Business
2,125% Increase
2K Percent Increase In Traffic

Nathan Anderson approached Elite Results Marketing before he decided to take the leap and start Lost Valley Pump services. After working in the industry for years, he saw that the opportunity was ripe but wanted to ensure he took a systematic approach to his online marketing. After preliminary discussions, it was decided that creating a high-converting website with SEO was going to be important but that starting with paid ads to stimulate traffic and growth right out of that gate would be necessary. 

Project >
Jennifer & Vadim Vashkevich

NWA Hogs Painting

Dozens of rankings keywords in Google Maps for Interior Painting
54% Increase In PPC Leads
Consistent High Quality Leads Every Month With Paid Ads
308% Increase
Over 300% Increase In searches YOY

When we met Jennifer from NWA Hogs painting over 2 years ago she was struggling to get requests for quotes and was having to take subbed-out jobs from other companies to get by. Her goal was to bring traffic and attention to her business. Her husband is an incredible multi-generational painter that offers the highest quality painting services available. However, having just moved from Florida and not having an established online presence was holding them back from the success they deserved. Elite Results Marketing knew this was an opportunity to help another business reach all new heights and we knew that we were working with true professionals that would flourish once we helped with their online marketing.

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Purely Natural CBD Team

Purely Natural CBD

Ranked On Page One
First Page Ranking For CBD Franchise
1,000+ Visitors
Generating Over 1k+ Avg Visitors Per Month
11,000 Impressions
From 0 to 11K Impressions Monthly For CBD Terms

Purely Natural CBD approached Elite Results Marketing to consult on and lead an SEO strategy to get their Franchise in front of investors looking for an opportunity in the CBD industry just as it was taking off. With an awesome business model and having just received national recognition on PBS in partnership with Dr. Bakke. The goal and objective were to rank nationally for the search term "CBD Franchise" as well as many other variations of this term organically.

Project >
Stuart Curry DMD

Stuart Curry Dentistry

257% Increase Search
3x Increase In Local Search Visibility
289% Increase Impressions
Over100K Views Tracked On Search In The Past 2 years
182% Calls
182% Increase In Phone Calls YoY tracked through GBP

Dr. Curry Came to Elite Results Marketing Nearly 3 years ago now. Again a testament to the fact that Elite Results Marketing aims to have long-term relationships with our customers and want to continuously aid business in their growth objectives. Whenever Dr. Curry started with us he was fairly skeptical after working with some other SEO providers that really did not provide noticeable results.

Project >
Joe Awe

TechBldrs Inc

Pre Covid-19
Back To Pre Covid Numbers
#1 For IT Support
Raised Rankings For IT Support Terms
23,259 Organic Visitors
104% Increase Under One Year

TechBldrs as an IT Support company in Exton PA was already working on trying to improve SEO rankings when they started working with Elite Results Marketing. They were applying an outdated SEO strategy that targeted very long tail keywords through mass-generated pages that were 99% duplicate content. ERM advised against the use of this strategy and immediately devised a plan to correct the mass duplicate content that was penalizing them and preventing them from showing up in search properly on Google Maps.

Project >
Sumer Brandon

The Brandon Group

Top Rankings
Top Commercial Realtor Rankings in NWA
400+ Visits
Over 400 Organic Visitors Monthly
153% Increase
153% Increase In visibility 317K Impression Generated

Sumer Brandon Leads one of the top commercial real estate firms In Northwest Arkansas. Her goal was to maximize her online search exposure through an SEO campaign. Elite Results Marketing conducted a market analysis and in-depth audit of her company and website and was able to create a strategy to specifically target commercial real estate terms.

Project >
Dr. Matthew Phinney

The Chiropractic Doctors In Grand Rapids

Google Leads
$8,000-$22,000/Month In New Revenue
Lower CPC
$20-$30 Leads
500%-600% ROI
4-8 New Patient Starts Per Month

Switching from Perfect Patient to a higher converting website that ranks in search engines. The goal and objective with Dr. Phinney and his team at Grand rapids were to push toward 3-4 new patients from Google per week.

Project >
Team Tillges


Combine Brands
Create a cohesive brand experience for both sides of the business
Improve Search Rankings
Crafted website with SEO content to improve search visibility
3x Conversion Rates
Replaced outdated website with a proven CRO structures that will drastically improve conversions

Tillges Orthodics & Prosthetics & Tillges Technologies is a family-owned and operated company in Minnesota. When they approached Elite Results Marketing with their website project they had multiple goals. The first of which was to merge their two websites into one experience for all customers and do so in a manner that was easy to navigate.

Project >
Vello Team

Vello Property Managment

Google Leads
Generating $10,000-$20,000/Month In New Revenue
Lower CPC
$50-$180 Leads
10X Topline Revenue
Generating High Quality Leads

A challenging campaign with a high reward. The objective is to target high-quality leads that want to use Vello's Turnkey Air Bnb Services, which required a national campaign while focusing only on the specific locations that they currently serve as they scale into more regions. This is a challenging feat because the owners of the properties that Vello wants to service could live absolutely anywhere making targeting them very difficult. The team at Elite was up for the challenge though and continues to strive to optimize the campaign to create stellar results for our partners over at Vello.

Project >
Kevin Wisecarver

Wise Glass

200% Increase
Doubled monthly revenues in less than 8 Months
5x Increase In Visibility
534% Increase In Google Maps visibility In Under a Year
2x Increase in Phone Calls
215% Reported increase in monthly phone calls from Organic traffic

Wise Glass offers to refresh their customer's bathrooms with a custom shower experience that elevates the beauty and value of the home. With nearly no organic traffic coming into the business, The Elite team was ready to step in and help Wise glass scale to new heights so that they could share their incredible work with the Greater Forth Worth area. With GCS Glass under our belt, we were able to very rapidly help them achieve these goals.

Project >


Lance Knox
Pinnacle Hills Lawns LLC
Christian Robertozzi
Institute for Advanced Medicine
Matt Vogt
Dentist at Gateway Crossing
Codie Bailey
Lyle Lehman
Better Way Roofing LLC
Marketing Coordinator
Bright Orthodontics
Dr. Whitelocke
Medical Practice
Stuart Curry
Stuart Curry Dentistry

The guys are ERM are absolutely awesome!! We are a brand new company and the day we launched our new web site I started getting new leads. Kraig and Peter have "coached" me on ways to improve my use of the tools they provide. Keep up the good work and looking forward to a long relationship with ERM!!

Chad Slaughter
Rooster Toilets

We have worked with multiple different digital marketing firms in the past and ERM is far and away the best. Kraig and his team are extraordinarily more knowledgeable, honest, and effective than other companies we've worked with. In the last year, they have been a cornerstone of our strategy during which we experienced 10x topline revenue growth. Week after week, the ERM team has shown dedication and flexibility, working with us through any curveballs we sent their way with patience and professionalism. I fully expect to be a customer of ERM for life and could not recommend them more!

Will Meyers
Marketing Manager
Vello Property Management

The #1 thing I love MOST about elite results marketing? Their communication! I am NOT a tech person.... at all. Kraig and Gabe not only will explain everything SEO in a way I can understand, but they have always happily taken my calls about random tech issues. Sometimes I just use them for an excellent second opinion on other projects. They 100% take a wholistic approach to all their relationships and you will feel supported from the minute you sign with them. Try them out and you will not regret it!

Katie Meyers
Operations Manager
Safe Life Defense

Kraig is a true professional and excels in his industry. He took our company with zero online presence and got us on the virtual map!He explained things to me in a way that was easy for me to understand.

Tammy Cunningham
Legacy Transit Lines LLC

The Name Says It All!
Kraig is an outstanding guy. The fact that he guarantees results alone sold me to his services. I was not disappointed.

Hector Elias
Local Business - Referral Partner

Kraig and his team are true experts when it comes to online marketing and lead generation. Kraig is patient with me and listens to me. He is quick and eager to help.

Dean Geske
Local Business

Kraig and his team at Elite Results Marketing surprised us! Most marketing companies disappoint but not with them. If you aren’t getting a good ROI on your marketing, give them a call.

Lewis Goldstein
Local Business

A+ Review. Do you need more money? Do you want to scale your business? Are you lacking in leads? If you call Elite Results Marketing, they will help you create a better lifestyle. They will give you results. They will educate you on marketing 24/7.. Don’t take my word for it, Give them a shot and you won’t regret it!

Taylor Gonzalez
Local Business

Kraig did an fantastic job. Stated he would bring me so many leads in a month & really over delivered! By the end of the month a had 10 new customers. I was so happy! Will rehired!Kraig is a natural! One phone call with him and I knew he knew his stuff. He was patient and identified exactly what kind of LEADS I needed for my business, and delivered those to me. This gave us a 8% increase on our conversions! Thank you ELITERESULTS MARKETING!

Monique Davis
Local Business

Kraig is a natural! One phone call with him and I knew he knew his stuff. He was patient and identified exactly what kind of LEADS I needed for my business, and delivered those to me. This gave us a 8% increase on our conversions! Thank you ELITERESULTS MARKETING!

Sep Moblifard
Online Influencer

Kraig and his team are perfectionists and always do an AMAZING job with everything. Thanks for getting my business ranked on page one and a huge influx of leads for the past 6 months! I look forward to working with you for a long time

Jacob JD
Local Business Owner

If you are looking for results, you have found the perfect place.

Anthony Kaczoroski
Marketing Manager
Sparks Electrical engineering

Kraig is amazingly knowledgeable and a very honest. Stop looking and go with Elite Results Marking. Highly, highly recommend!!

Cindy Capobianco
Monster Tree Service - NWA

Elite results marketing has been great to work with! We are a water well service company in our first year. Our gross income and call volume has been very impressive!

Nathan Anderson
Lost Valley Pump

It was a pleasure working with Kraig, Gabe, Allan and the entire team at Elite Results Marketing! The Elite Results Marketing team was brought on to design and develop our new company website and we are thrilled with the end product. They are extremely knowledgeable in their craft and were very professional and kind to work with. Kraig and Gabe guided us in the right direction and made the process of converting our old websites into one new website, a smooth and enjoyable experience. Thank you from Team Tillges!

Sarah T
Operations Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Kraig at Elite Results Marketing a few times now and every time Kraig has over-delivered on every aspect of the project. I definitely would work with him again!

Thomas Protze
Digital Marketing Agency - Referral Partner

Elite results indeed! Keep up the great work

Michael Butcher
Local Business Owner

Honestly lives up to the name of the company. Top notch, results-oriented marketing and lead generation company. Highly recommend to anyone looking to grow their business.

Michael Kittinger
Marketing Agency Referral Partner

Kraig and his team at Elite Results Marketing are my go-to for all things SEO. Best agency in town!

Jet Sanini
Drip Digital - Referral Partner

Elite is one of the very few SEO firms I have worked with who actually know what they are doing. None of the work was outsourced, and the results actually came. I am so happy with what Kraig and his team did for my business!

Mike Petritis
Eliix Marketing - Referral Partner

Fast Results. I’ve worked with companies in the past but nobody has gotten me results as quickly as Kraig and his team. Highly recommended

Aaron Goldstein
Digital Media Marketing Agency - Referral Partner

Kraig will give your business the edge that it needs to be a purple cow contender, he delivered on our agreement then topped it off with even more value. Use his services!

Evan Edgington
Social Media Marketing Agency - Referral Partner

Unbelievable service and results working with the Elite team.. Can’t speak highly enough about the solutions that they provided in a very short amount of time. Thanks a lot!

Josh Greenwald
Lead Generation Agency - Referral Partner

Kraig knows what he is doing. I’m an overwhelmed, clueless dentist when it comes to marketing, and Kraig is making life much easier. He will help you and your business grow.

Matt Vogt
Dentists At Gateway Crossing

Kraig and his team helped me improve my imagine with a well executed video. That video, supported by Kraig’s SEO, services has received over 10k and that has generate phone from people around the country. Kraig is a brilliant young man and I look forward to continue work with him.

Pedro Maldonado
Keller Williams Realtor

I recently worked with Kraig on a multi-site project and was impressed with his knowledge and expertise. He helped me better understand SEO and he dispelled some ideas I had about SEO that has helped me in my writing work. I highly recommend Kraig because he’s professional and can show you real results.

Jamie Smith

Thank you Elite Results Marketing Team! My dad told me many times as a teenager, “Son, sometimes you just don’t know, what your just don’t know”, Meaning sometimes we think we can see the picture and understand what we are looking at when in reality, half the picture is folded under and we don’t really see what’s going on. This was definitely the case for us when it came to our online presences, especially our website! Kraig was able to show us the full picture and that allowed us to make accurate decisions about our marketing strategies. When planning and deciding on our marketing budgets, it has always been presented to us by other companies, that we “just have to trust” that whatever we are paying them to do IE: SEO, is getting done and we will just have to wait 6-12 months and look at our percentages to know if it was the right choice or not. This is TOTAL baloney! Kraig is able to look at many in-depth analytics real time and was able to fill us in with every detail. He was also able to leverage a few key elements in our strategy that would make it very difficult for any of our competitors to catch up with us online by the time they figure out we’ve captured the majority market share. At the end of the day, it comes down to ROI and it’s easy to calculate with Kraig and his team. We are very pleased and are looking forward to a very long term relationship with Elite Results Marketing.

Jon Jouvenaux
BBB Septic, Portable Toilets & Storm Shelters