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Does Your Business Need More Patients? Do You Want Proven SEO Strategies Will Allow You To DOMINATE  the Local Chiropractic Market?

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Let’s get your business the visibility you deserve by dominating Google and Bing. We lead your ideal patients right to your office. Our SEO strategies drive more organic search to your website, and services than any other types of online marketing out there.

Increase Revenue

ROI is the bottom line. We grow companies with an unlimited stream of phone calls & patients who want your services.


We want to be your business partner. This means we will align our success with yours. As your partner we are here to help you with any question or problems, we won’t be a faceless organization you have trouble tracking down. Let’s work together to succeed.

Transparent Reporting

We send monthly reports that show exactly how your Chiropractic Website is ranking. All the data is pulled data directly from Google to ensure our clients are aware of what’s going on in their business. We also let you know about changes in the industry, advising recommendations to keep your business ahead of the competition.


Our Proprietary SEO Methodology we call GROWTH (Google Relationship Optimization)+ (Website Technical Health) was developed from white hat SEO techniques that work for Chiropractors. We have picked up from working with some of the top SEO’s in the world. We belong to several mastermind groups which allow us to network on a daily basis and stay on top of the most cutting-edge tactics to get you results. All the best Search Engine Marketing knowledge is at your company’s disposal.

Dominate Google

We don’t stop at ranking for a handful of key terms. We work to make your business a dominating Chiropractic Brand and take up as much real estate on page one of  Google & Bing as possible. We even have a secret strategy that allows us to funnel traffic away from competing chiropractors, even before a patient has completed a search! Before they see a single PPC Ad or competitors website they will be presented with your website and google maps listing. Works like Magic! Can you imagine how this unfair advantage you would be gaining over EVERY SINGLE COMPETITOR? This kind of aggressive hold on market share is what you are investing in when you partner with Elite Results Marketing.  

Done In-House

We don’t cut corners on your Chiropractic Website and Google Maps Listing. all work is performed by our team of internet marketing professionals.

Zero Long-Term Contracts

We don’t have to lock you in to long-term contracts. We are so confident in our services that we know that you will want to work with us month after month. Pay month-to-month after 90 days and if we don’t deliver, fire us!

With Results That Speak For Themselves

ERM has ranked our partners from all over the country on page #1 for multiple cities above their competition.

Why wouldn’t you want to work with the best chiropractic SEO agency?

Elite Results - SEO Rankings

Choosing Chiropractic Marketing company is serious business. Your business is on the line here, and you want to choose the best company to partner with.

Time is always going to be working against you in your efforts to gain visibility in the organic search results. Each day that passes, other chiropractors are being found instead of you and stealing your income.

So, what goes into choosing the best chiropractic SEO to partner with?

To make the job easier for selecting the right marketing company, here are 5 tips for grading agencies to get one that is affordable, professional, and efficient.

SEO analysis

1. Size of Your Company

Choose an SEO company that offers different price points. SEO is NOT going to be the same for all businesses types or sizes.

Elite Results Marketing knows that every Chiropractor is going to have different goals and we will make adjustments according to those needs.

Steer clear of SEO companies that work with chiropractors and want to offer you a price before they know anything about you or your business, and have not done some kind of assessment of your website and Google maps.

This is going to be a sure-fire sign that they will apply a very cookie cutter service and will ultimately fall short when it comes to getting you the results that you deserve. Don’t be seduced by their ultra-low-price points either. SEO is not a cheap investment, but it is the only marketing strategy where you will continue to see growth from without paying additional advertising dollars out for every month.

2. Chiropractic Keywords

Keyword optimization on your website is the foundation of your marketing results. It will determine how the search engine “spiders” determine where to rank your chiropractic service pages and how effectively the consumer will be able to find you in Google.

At Elite Results Marketing, we take the content you already have and analyze it. We then determine if we need to add or adjust the keywords until it is truly optimized.

We will also constantly be on the lookout for new chiropractic search queries that other SEO’s are not optimizing for. Taking advantage of traffic that is lower in competition but still delivers massive traffic benefits. Allowing you to rank in no time and start putting money in your pocket.

3. Results Speed

ROI (Return on Investment) is the name of the game when it comes to marketing. If you are spending thousands of dollars every month…you want to see results right?

Most Search Engine Optimization companies are likely to provide a typical “six to eight-months to rank” projection. While this is not far from the mark on many competitive terms, Elite Results Marketing develops its Chiropractic marketing strategies to start putting money back in your pocket faster.

Our proprietary methods have allowed us to deliver results faster than other agencies can deliver. That is why our Chiropractic partners continue to choose us over our competitors.

4. Optimal Efficiency

Efficiency is determined how quickly and what kind of results a marketing company delivers with the budget provided.

You want to maximize these results to squeeze every bit of value out each marketing dollar you spend. What you don’t want is to hire an SEO agency that is going to just take shots in the dark (we call this Gusse-e-o). Their lack of understanding of how SEO works will have your monthly budget blowing away in the wind with very little to show for it.

Elite Results Marketing, on the other hand, keeps an updated list of the strongest ranking factors. Before we are even willing to work with you, we will grade your web presence with our proprietary Road Map Audit( includes the before mentioned list). This audit will highlight a list of ranking factors that are holding your site back from seeing results. The custom 90-day plan we build from this audit will provide the information required to adjust your ‘Website’ and ‘Google Maps’, correcting these debilitations and bring your site up to Elite Standard.

5. Your Business Reputation 

5-star ratings on Google and other popular directories like Yelp aid in converting new patients and also increase your rank search engines. So it is a critical element that should be at the forefront of your SEO’s Strategy.

Without a solid reputation, search engine ranking doesn’t really matter all that much. With access to so many data sources, your potential patients are going to spend an extra couple of minutes to research your brand so that they can uncover any reason why they shouldn’t spend their hard-earned money with you, and rightfully so.

We all want to make sure that we are spending our money on the best possible provider of a service.  However, there is no reason that you should have a single customer with a bad experience hold you back from providing exceptional service to everyone else.

Elite Results Marketing is going to be able to offer reputation management strategies that directly complement the search engine marketing we do to protect and grow your brand.

Understanding the End Game

One of the main reasons more chiropractors are choosing to work with Elite Results Marketing is because we are one of the few companies that follow through on their promises. We will be transparent upfront and honest with you in all of our dealings.

The marketing strategies we utilize are going to drive targeted traffic to your products and services, which in turns grows revenues and the number of patients you are able to help. Elite Results Marketing consistently gets results for our clients and we have a whole page dedicated to testimonials from people who have worked with us.

If we can make you the #1 Chiropractor in (insert your city here) would that be enough?

Bottom line…

If your website is not on the first page of Google then you are losing money to your competitors that rank ahead of you.

If you find yourself asking yourself “why do I need Chiropractic SEO Expert?”

Listen, the internet, and the smartphone has changed the marketing game forever, it has replaced the phone book and people have turned to local search to find chiropractors in their area. If you want to capture that business, you need to be armed with an SEO strategy.

We get your website mobile optimized and found on Google, Bing, Siri, Alexa, and Maps so that you dominate your competition. We’d like to provide you with a free consultation and website analysis, and then give you an honest assessment of the changes that we could make to improve your business. Check out our discover page to get started today!

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