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How to Effectively Use Digital Marketing to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice

In the digital age, using Google and other popular search engines to expand the reach of your chiropractic practice is only natural. From mobile-friendly marketing to consistent social media posts and dedicated email campaigns, there is an assortment of smart tactics you can use to grow your Chiropractic practice.

Employ Mobile Marketing Tactics

If you're making contact with people who might be interested in your services, there's a good chance you're doing so through their phone screen rather than their computer monitor. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when creating a mobile-friendly marketing strategy.

For starters, your practice's site needs to be optimized for viewing on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Your website needs to have a short load time on mobile devices and should be formatted in such a way that a mobile user has no trouble exploring your landing page, your blog, and everything else that's available on your site.

If you aren't sure how to do this yourself, get in touch with your web designer or the company that hosts your site in order to format your website for mobile use. You can also use a drag-and-drop builder like the one available on the Local Marketing Machine platform.

Another smart way to draw in mobile users is through chatbots, as well as similar automated messaging services like Google My Business Messages and Facebook Messenger. These tools allow you to directly send texts, appointment reminders, and other messages directly to potential patients right on their devices.

Maximize Your Organic Social Media Presence

It's a given that a modern-day chiropractic business needs to have a solid online presence. However, that doesn't mean you should pursue the scattershot approach of putting equal effort into every major social media platform.

To create organic traffic that gets eyeballs on your site, you need to start by focusing on only one or two platforms where you can really shine. If your demographic is older, then Facebook is likely your best bet. On the other hand, a younger target audience may prefer YouTube or TikTok.

Once you've determined the most suitable social media site for your practice, you should focus on releasing interesting content that adds value to the lives of your online readers. From discount offers in your earliest social media posts to brief, daily posts that keep potential patients engaged, there's no shortage of quality content you can provide.

Finally, you should start a social media group, such as a Facebook Group, in order to foster discussion with interested patients online. This is a great way to explain the specific services you offer and answer questions that users may have.

Use Local SEO Strategies

The beauty of local search engine optimization (SEO) is that it increases the chances of chiropractic patients finding you when they search for a chiropractor in your specific city or district. 

To maximize your site's local SEO, ensure that your web content (especially your landing page) includes common local SEO keywords. Some of these keywords are obvious (such as "chiropractor" or "adjustment"), while others require you to be more location-specific, such as "chiropractor near me," or including the name of your town.

Another important local SEO strategy is to create a Google Business Profile. Doing so allows potential patients to discover all kinds of important information about your practice when they Google chiropractors near them or check Google Maps.

The information for your Google Business Profile includes your hours of operation, phone number, a link to your website, online reviews and star ratings from patients, and official and customer-submitted photos of your practice. Taken altogether, this data gives prospective patients the push they need to schedule with you. 

Advertise Digitally with Google PPC Ads

Google offers pay-per-click (PPC) ads that, when used correctly, can give your chiropractic practice a lot of bang for your buck. The key to maximizing your paid online ads is to cater them to the patients who are likeliest to engage with your marketing based on where they live or what type of chiropractic care they are looking for.

One of the ways you can get ahead with Google Ads is through proximity targeting. This feature gives you the opportunity to create ads for potential patients within a set radius of your practice. By being locally focused, you increase your chances of targeting a patient who actually lives near enough to choose your practice.

In addition, you can create more purposeful ads by targeting specific patients. For example, if you work as a family chiropractor, you can set your ads so they're easier to find when a parent Googles a term like "pediatric chiropractor."

On the other hand, you can create negative keyword lists that keep your ads from popping up when certain keywords or phrases are used in a search query. This minimizes the odds of your ad being clicked on by a user who is unlikely to join your patient base, which would waste your ad dollars.

Start a Vlog

Having a regular blog or vlog on your website and/or social media is a great way to catch the eyes of potential clients. When prospective patients in your area are searching for a specific service or trying to find an answer to a chiropractic question, they can find your practice when a blog post or video you made gives them the information they need.

Other than generating educational content that attracts new patients, you can boost your online engagement through value-added items. If a patient is interested in your article or video about treating sciatica pain at home, they can scroll down and enter their information to receive a free eBook, newsletter, or webinar.

In doing so, the future patient's interest is piqued thanks to the complimentary content you've provided them with, plus you now have their email address for future marketing.

Leverage Your Email List to Keep Patients Interested

Although social media claims a lot of attention in the marketing world, email still holds a lot of power when it comes to closing the deal with future patients. A coordinated email campaign is a low-cost way to make contact with new patients and get them through the front door.

Like with any content-driven marketing strategy, a successful email campaign relies on a combination of consistency and quality. Monthly updates allow you to share blog content, provide regular tips on maintaining spinal health, and provide a direct link to simplify appointment scheduling. Be sure to include periodic promotions in your emails, such as a referral bonus or a seasonal discount on a session.

To make your email life easier, use customizable email templates to make your emails more personable and engaging. For example, you can use a template to send patients a personalized "Happy birthday" message.

On a similar note, you should split your various email recipients into different segments. Doing so allows you to better market to them, such as by emphasizing pregnancy-related services for users who have expressed an interest in prenatal care.

Understand Why Press Releases Matter

Press releases aren't just a marketing tactic from yesteryear. Thanks to their ability to keep your practice in the loop with media outlets, as well as potential benefits for your SEO outcome, press releases are still a smart strategy for the modern chiropractor.

Consistent, accurate press releases are a great way to develop your reputation with both journalists and their readers, and they give you the chance to shape what people are saying about your chiropractic brand. By regularly getting the word out about your practice, you can keep in dialogue with reporters who then transmit your message out to the public.

Multimedia press releases are a great way to increase user engagement when viewing your release online, and they can be compounded with the perks of social media to multiply the benefits of the PR statement.

Use Automated Chiropractic Marketing Tools

You don't have to do every part of your chiropractic marketing strategy by yourself. Local Marketing Machine offers a host of dynamic features, such as lead capturing from landing pages and online surveys, automated messaging for appointments and online inquiries, and a detailed workflow dashboard view.

Instead of chasing after patients to schedule a follow-up appointment yourself, you can outsource your follow-up campaigns to the marketing platform. Instead of manually sorting through data collected from survey responses, Local Marketing Machine does the hard work for you. Even automating something as mundane as collecting payments from your current patients can increase your chances of making them customers for life by giving them ease of mind.

On and on the list goes. Every successful chiropractic marketing campaign needs a capable mind behind it, but that doesn't mean that automated marketing tools won't make the job a lot easier. 

Track Everything with Analytics

For long-term marketing success, you must know how well each of your tactics is performing in the real world. Tracking the success of a given email newsletter campaign or the engagement rate of your latest batch of spinal health vlogs clues you in on what's working and what is falling flat.

Platforms like Local Marketing Machine aggregate your most important key performance indicators (KPIs), such as response rates for individual initiatives or appointment rates garnered from your website. Understanding your conversion rates, click-through rates, and other metrics is also vital.

By keeping up to date on the objective analytics behind your online marketing, you'll have the information you need to find new keywords, write new blog posts, or adjust the targeting of your Google PPC Ads.

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