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Custom Chiropractic Website That Converts To Replace Perfect Patients

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Higher Visibly In Search
#1 For Neuropathy Chiropractic
43% Increase In Phone Calls
First Time Calls Tracked In First 90 Days
139% Traffic Increase
Organic Traffic Increase In The First 4 Months

With a standard Perfect Patients website that wasn't cutting it and not much in the way of support from them, when Advantage chiropractic was referred to the team at Elite we were excited to reinvent their website and help them gain much-needed traction in organic visibility. After only a few short months of working with our team, I think they would agree that they noticed not just a difference in organic engagement but an increase in new patient starts that originated from Google. Our team has come to discover the power of neurological-based chiropractic and can't be more proud of helping this company continue to grow above and beyond the 7 figure mark as a single-location chiropractic office in New Berlin. Evan & Zach have been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a long-term partnership with them and their team as they grow and expand.

Core Fundamentals to make this project a success.

  • Update and refresh the website to improve conversion rates to leverage more of the traffic they are receiving
  • Improve search for primary Chiropractic terms as well as Neuropathy
  • Establish KPIs & tracking so that we could monitor traffic and conversions for improvements
  • Improve lead tracking and automate engagement with customers



  • Adapting and optimizing pre-existing content that was on the old Perfect Patients website
  • Obtaining old Analytics that were set up by Perfect Patients who refused to provide, we ended up having to establish a new GA & Google Search console account in order to pull data needed for the transfer of the website and to optimize the new site.
  • Adapting the SEO strategy to build authority in the website and GBP to compete with the numerous chiropractic offices in the area




Dr. Zach Bruley & Evan Norum

What We Did

Web Design