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From $600K to $3 Million+ & 800+ 5 Star Reviews As A Septic Contractor

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Generates $3 Million in Revenue
Ranks #1 In Search
Completely Dominates Search For All Primary Keywords
Consistent Steady Progress
Year over Year continuous growth

As the first ever SEO partner of Elite Results Marketing. It is a testament to our desire to create long-term relationships with our clients; BBB Septic has been with us since the beginning and continues to trust our team to help promote growth year over year. When BBB Spetic started with Elite Results Marketing they had an essential Yodle website and were trying to crack the code to rank in Google. With 3 divisions in their company, at the time, we took a unique approach to their SEO to ensure that all three services of Portable Toilets, Storm Shelters & Septic would rank and attract new customers. The company has since grown from under $1 million in revenue every year to $3 million and is now working towards the $5 Millon per year mark. With over 800 Positive reviews and counting, BBB Septic is committed to dominating the North West Arkansas area as the #1 go-to company for septic services.  Our team looks forward to helping BBB Septic continue with this Goal and their upcoming project with which is a revolutionary project that will keep our beautiful earth CLEAN & GREEN!

Core Fundamentals to make this project a success.

  • Creating Silos for each area of the business ( Portable Toilets, Septic Installation, Designs, Maintenance, Pumping, Storm Shelters)
  • Generating 5-star reviews on autopilot in a non spammy or tacky way
  • Keeping BBB ahead of the curve on ways to communicate and get a quote from BBB by implementing
  • Generating high-quality press that has gotten recognition from National Septic publications and even an invite to appear on HG TV 



  • Ensuring that there was a cohesive brand across the web so that Google would recognize the BBB septic entity
  • Migrating away from the old Yodle Website & Bringing all services under one website
  • Creating proper content slowing that would signal to Google top placements for all the services BBB septic offers
  • Creating solid tracking processes to track MoM & YoY growth metrics that we could track


What We Did

Search Engine Optimization
Marketing Automation
Website Design Consulting
PR Outreach