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A Leading Chiropractor That Teaches Chiropractors Around The Globe

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$2 Million Dollars
Single Location Practice Generating $2,000,000 + Per Year
1.5X PPC Returns
$20-$25 Leads
700%-900% ROI
5-12 New Patient Starts Per Month

Dr. Ryan and his practice found Elite Results Marketing over 2 years ago and started working with us. In under 4 years, he has grown his single location practice to over $2 Millon a year in revenue. Ryan is an amazing chiropractor that is dedicated to his practice and intent on sharing his neurological-based chiropractic care with the world. He travels the globe to 4 continents to teach other chiropractors how to grow their own practices. We have linked an interview we recently conducted with him on our podcast. He has some incredible information to share on how to run a successful chiropractic office and his plans to scale to additional locations. Even if you are not a chiropractor there are some great nuggets on what it takes to have a highly successful business.

Key Focuses on this campaign.

  • Our key focus for this campaign has how we could increase Deep Roots Chiropractic's visibly on Google maps in a search for the primary key terms "chiropractor +city" as well as additional terms for specific types of symptoms that they treat.
  • Additionally, we have focused on how we can push search traffic on Youtube & expand our reach through PPC again focusing on creating high-quality conversion for the lowest possible cost.
  • Equipping the team at Deep Roots with tools and automation that allow us to pass back high-quality data to Google's algorithm and tracking new patients as they come in properly so that we are able to see accumulative results over time.


  • Chiropractic is surprisingly competitive and there are lots of chiropractors in the area who have been around NWA for much longer than Deep Roots so our first challenge was cutting through that noise and establishing credibility and authority for this website and brand.
  • The next challenge we faced was with the location of the Deep Roots office. While they are actually incredibly close to the city center of Bentonville which is the primary location served; due to the way the land was developed, Google's perception was that the office was many miles to the west of the actual location. Our team had to focus hard on pushing the right signals to Google so that it understood that Ryan's office was a good candidate for Bentonville.

What We Did

Search Engine Optimization
Website Design
PR Outreach
PPC Advertising
Business Consulting