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Fortune 5000 Company Grows From 3 Locations Nationwide to 7 In Under A Year

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3 To 7 Locations
Growth from 3 locations to 7 in under a year
Inc 5000
Acknowledged as one of the fastest growing companies in America
National & Local
Rankings For Top Keyword Terms Nationally & Locally

GCS Glass & Mirror has now multiple years in a row been featured as an INC 5000 Business and acknowledged as one of the fastest growing businesses in its industry in America.  Providing top-of-the-line gorgeous glasswork as well as amazing steelwork and wine cellars is what they do. As a company dedicated to its growth, they have focused and invested heavily in digital marketing. When they came to Elite Results Marketing they were in the middle of launching a new website and knew that Local & National SEO needed to be part of their strategy. With very little to no leads coming through organically, this was a project that Elite Results Marketing was ready to take on and we were excited at the prospect of the growth that we could help GCS achieve. We quickly devised a plan on how we needed to support them and the website infrastructure we would have to help build to achieve this. Within 4-5 months it was very quickly acknowledged that we were sending as much if not more traffic to them than paid advertising was generating. Since being with us, they have grown from 3 locations to over 7 and they have plans to keep opening locations and eventually turn the business into a franchisable model all across America.  Elite Results Marketing is up for that challenge and is actively working on its national presence now that the local business presence has achieved sustainable results for the company. With the recipe down, it will be a simple matter to replicate the strategy for each new location that is added and continue to build up the content authority of the brand through our monthly blogging efforts.


Key Focuses on this campaign.

  • Replicatable Local SEO process so that we can quickly establish new locations in the Google Map Pack and generate business.
  • Focus on CRO and UX for customers that are at various points of the buying cycle
  • Automations that allow for easy management of ensuring that customers entering different points in the buying cycle are properly nurtured
  • Building the national authority of the website through well-thought-out content Silos and ongoing Press & News outreach
  • A strong guest posting strategy, doing consistent outreach to help the brand get recognition on a continuous basis and send authority signals to the GooglAlgorithmhm


  • Designing an SEO strategy that would not break the budget for each location and would produce a strong ROI for each new location entering a fresh market.
  • Building a strong content strategy in such a way that the content could serve a dual purpose of supporting our SEO goals but also could be used as content for the automated nurture process or even in cold ads on FB and other platforms.
  • Updating the design of the website would allow the site to compete nationally with large retailers that sell glass nationwide while still maintaining the local feel and core offerings of text for a quote and installations.
  • Competing in large Metros like (Austin & Houston, Phoenix, New York, Denver, Las Vegas)


What We Did

Search Engine Optimization
Website Design
PR Outreach
PPC Advertising
Business Consulting
Marketing Automation