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Lost Valley Pump Service Increased Sales by 300% in First Year

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$ 800,000
First Year Revenue
Profitable 1st Year
900% ROI In The First Year In Business
2,125% Increase
2K Percent Increase In Traffic

Nathan Anderson approached Elite Results Marketing before he decided to take the leap and start Lost Valley Pump services. After working in the industry for years, he saw that the opportunity was ripe but wanted to ensure he took a systematic approach to his online marketing. After preliminary discussions, it was decided that creating a high-converting website with SEO was going to be important but that starting with paid ads to stimulate traffic and growth right out of that gate would be necessary.  As a company starting out with just him and his brother operating the business marketing automation was also a must to ensure that when the phone rings or a lead form is filled out we were not missing out on that traffic. Our team got to work putting these elements together so that we could get Lost Valley Pump off on the right foot. This strategy paid off; the statistics show that most businesses don't see a profit for the first 2-5 years. With the work ethic that Lost Valley Pump has paried with Elite Results Marketing's suggested digital marketing strategy, they have been able to go from $0 in revenue to over $800K in the first year with a healthy profit. Elite Results Marketing is excited to share in this growth. We look forward to a very long-term relationship with this company and to seeing them hit new heights of the north of $ 2 million in the next year or two.

Core Fundamentals to make this project a success.

  • Building not just an attractive website, but one that was a full system that could support the business
  • Growing authority and organic rankings to reduce advertising costs over time
  • Marketing automation would engage and nurture inbound leads
  • Creating an effective and targeted PPC campaign to get leads at an affordable cost



  • Brand new business with no previous assets or credibility.
  • Statistically, most businesses fail or are unprofitable for many years
  • Learning about the market and assessing the proper strategy to provide the highest ROI for the business.
  • Marketing automation would engage customers that have called or filled out a form, due to the nature of the business people are in search of someone that can help them quickly (People out of water). If Lost Valley is tied up on another job, losing leads they have paid to acquire is a high possibility. We spend time creating simple but effective automation that would start the conversation and help ensure leads would not keep searching for someone to help them due to a lack or delay in response from Lost Valley.


What We Did

PPC Advertising
Website Design
CRO Optimization
Marketing Automation
Business Consulting