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NWA Hogs Painting Saw A Dramatic Increase In New Business Leads

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Dozens of rankings keywords in Google Maps for Interior Painting
54% Increase In PPC Leads
Consistent High Quality Leads Every Month With Paid Ads
308% Increase
Over 300% Increase In searches YOY

When we met Jennifer from NWA Hogs painting over 2 years ago she was struggling to get requests for quotes and was having to take subbed-out jobs from other companies to get by. Her goal was to bring traffic and attention to her business. Her husband is an incredible multi-generational painter that offers the highest quality painting services available. However, having just moved from Florida and not having an established online presence was holding them back from the success they deserved. Elite Results Marketing knew this was an opportunity to help another business reach all new heights and we knew that we were working with true professionals that would flourish once we helped with their online marketing. We took a tiered approach with the project due to limitations in the budget; starting with Paid ads. After the company received some traction there we progressed to redesigning the website which gave them a huge jump in the number of conversions they were seeing. Once that was steady and continuous we started a full SEO campaign and have helped them to dominate search ranking for dozens and dozens of keywords in Google maps allowing them to have incredible growth.

Key Focuses on this campaign.

  • Targeted ads that would generate high-quality leads that would convert for and provide the greatest ROI for the company
  • Increasing search rankings with has been proven to generate more high-quality leads that would sustain the businesses outside of paid ads.
  • Building a beautiful website with conversions in mind. Traffic is great, but if the site does not convert that traffic into phone calls it's not much good, so we spend a lot of time working on crafting the messaging and CTA's on the website to ensure that we would convert the highest amount of that traffic into paying customers for NWA Hogs Painting.
  • Marketing automation to allow Jennifer to focus on the leads that were engaging and tracking follow-ups on estimates that she had already sent out.
  • Tracking, as we have said over and over again, what get's measured get's managed. We worked hard to put together reporting that allows us to see when we need to make adjustments to the marketing campaigns vs when there is a natural period of time where there are not as many people searching for a house painter.


  • Thin budgets. When we started this project we had to have a laserlike focus on tracking the leads that were coming in and watching costs. Crafting an advertising campaign that would generate the lowest cost per click to drive the maximum number of opportunites while trying to focus on offers that generated the highest ROI for the business. When you are starting from scratch, targeting everything at once can be a death sentence. We worked with Jennifer and realized that focusing on interior painting and even more specifically their cabinet offer was the best way to get traction in the market.
  • Two-person teams; with Jennifer running the backend and doing all the estimates and Vadim doing the painting we needed to ensure that we were weeding out tier kickers and allowing them to focus on the leads that were truly interested in moving forward. This starts with the marketing automation for self-booking and rescheduling quote appointments. A huge frustration to a contractor is showing up to provide a quote and getting no-showed. Creating an automated follow-up process to ensure customers rebooked when they were not available has allowed Jennifer to do more quotes and not lose precious time driving to these no-shows. It also gives her piece of mind that the system will work on getting them rescheduled so she can just focus on getting quotes delivered and scheduling the next job for Vadim.





Jennifer & Vadim Vashkevich

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