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#1 IT Support Company In Exton PA

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Pre Covid-19
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#1 For IT Support
Raised Rankings For IT Support Terms
23,259 Organic Visitors
104% Increase Under One Year

TechBldrs as an IT Support company in Exton PA was already working on trying to improve SEO rankings when they started working with Elite Results Marketing. They were applying an outdated SEO strategy that targeted very long tail keywords through mass-generated pages that were 99% duplicate content. ERM advised against the use of this strategy and immediately devised a plan to correct the mass duplicate content that was penalizing them and preventing them from showing up in search properly on Google Maps. Once we got to work we quickly found that due to them using an outdated website theme that any edits we made to the current site architecture would break the site as well. Our designers went to work at the request of Techbldrs to recreate the look and feel of the previous website with some minor improvements for CRO. Once the website design was completed we set to work systematically updating the content that was mass created and repairing the damage that had been done. After 3-4 months of re-writing these pages and implementing solid internal linking to clean up the signals to Google, we were able to start appearing in search. Fast forward to months 6-7 and we started showing up in Search as well as Google maps on the first page. To Bring us to the current, they now are ranking in the top 1-5 spots for terms like IT support and IT Company near me in both Google maps and organic SERPs.  The new focus of the project now that a majority of the duplicate content has been corrected is to write additional content that will bring authority to the website and help it expand the number of keywords that they are currently ranking for. The company has reported to us that they are now back to receiving as many if not more leads than they had prior to covid and attribute that the improvement in search rankings has helped them to bring on new business.

Core Fundamentals to make this project a success

  • Focus on core SEO fundamentals and proper Siloing of content
  • Focusing on taking the mass spun content and creating unique pages that actually provide value to the end user. One of the core principles that we follow at Elite Results Marketing in our GRO ( Google Relationship Optimization) approach is that there must be value in the content that were are trying to indeed for the main user. This aligns with Google's goals of providing the best results in search possible to an end user and ultimately leads to better rankings for our partners.


  • The unsupported Website theme required a complete rebuild of the website to make the necessary edits to the site. We were able to offer an affordable solution to this web development need.
  • Mass-created content & duplicate content penalty. This penalty has made it very challenging to get traction on this project. Thankfully our team of experts was familiar with how to repair the damage and provide positive signals to encourage Google to index the web pages and provide value to the rankings.
  • Lack of reviews; unfortunately the company has had challenges with generating a number of quality reviews due to the kinds of businesses that they work with. ERM will continue to offer solutions and encourage them to request reviews as often as they can, as it will aid in additional rank improvements.

What We Did

Search Engine Optimization
Website Design
PR Outreach
Business Consulting