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Becoming The Top Commercial Relator in NWA

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Top Commercial Realtor Rankings in NWA
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Over 400 Organic Visitors Monthly
153% Increase
153% Increase In visibility 317K Impression Generated

Sumer Brandon Leads one of the top commercial real estate firms In Northwest Arkansas. Her goal was to maximize her online search exposure through an SEO campaign. Elite Results Marketing conducted a market analysis and in-depth audit of her company and website and was able to create a strategy to specifically target commercial real estate terms. In just under 6 Months she was able to take top search rankings which resulted in the closing of many larger commercial real estate contracts. While this was a new industry for Elite Results Marketing we were able to quickly research what Google was favoring for her verticle and adapt our typical strategy to fit within the industry. This was a very challenging but fun project for Elite Results Marketing and we learned a lot from our friends over at the Brandon Group through the process.


Core Fundamentals to make this project a success

  • Strong SEO Fundamentals and Content Marketing Strategies.
  • Finding opportunities for guest posting among top real estate websites to create ideal signals for the algorithm
  • Adapting pages that were a hybrid mix of SEO and leveraged dynamic date that was fed in from IDX broker systems
  • Strong GBP signals and optimization
  • Tight content siloing among types of properties ( IE: residential, commercial, land listings)


  • As previously stated this was a new kind of market that ERM had never had exposure to. We found that we had to learn the IDX software responsible for creating listings for new properties and adapt our strategy to incorporate the use of this software in our everyday SEO practices.
  • Real estate has a lot of do's and doesn't in the industry our team had to adapt and learn what we were allowed to say or not say in our content and ensure that we were also within Sumers brand guidelines as she wanted to ensure her brand messaging was very cohesive and consistent across the web as well as their in-person interaction with their clients.

What We Did

Search Engine Optimization
PR Outreach