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Better Rankings & Conversions On Google

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Google Leads
$8,000-$22,000/Month In New Revenue
Lower CPC
$20-$30 Leads
500%-600% ROI
4-8 New Patient Starts Per Month

Switching from Perfect Patient to a higher converting website that ranks in search engines. The goal and objective with Dr. Phinney and his team at Grand rapids were to push toward 3-4 new patients from Google per week. We started by creating an attractive high, converting chiropractic website that was easy to navigate and was loaded with SEO Optimized content.  After working hard to increase his signals for the geographical areas he serves and building the authority of the site and GMB following our Google Relationship Optimization strategy, we saw some quick wins. While we waited for Google to reflect those changes, we set up a Google Ads campaign to supplement the traffic and tracked conversions closely. We were able to ultimately start bringing in consistent leads for a cost of $20-$30 per lead. The result being a 5-6X Return on investment for the office.

What We Did

Search Engine Optimization
Website Design
PR Outreach
PPC Advertising
Business Consulting