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A Tough But Rewarding Battle in The AirBnb Management Space

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Google Leads
Generating $10,000-$20,000/Month In New Revenue
Lower CPC
$50-$180 Leads
10X Topline Revenue
Generating High Quality Leads

A challenging campaign with a high reward. The objective is to target high-quality leads that want to use Vello's Turnkey Air Bnb Services, which required a national campaign while focusing only on the specific locations that they currently serve as they scale into more regions. This is a challenging feat because the owners of the properties that Vello wants to service could live absolutely anywhere making targeting them very difficult. The team at Elite was up for the challenge though and continues to strive to optimize the campaign to create stellar results for our partners over at Vello.

Core Fundamentals to make this project a success.

  • Advanced tracking; the optimization of this campaign is purely reliant on being able to pass appropriate data back to Google so that it can understand what a good leader is Vs a bad one.
  • Offer and Messaging, there are many offers and services out there around this verticle that we have to be able to break through the noise and clearly and concisely help the searchers understand what services are being offered. It is just as important that we are turning away people looking for different types of services so that we are not expending our budget on the wrong fit.
  • Automation & Follow up, in a fast-paced society that expects answers now and competing against larger companies with more staff and resources we have encouraged the use of Marketing Machine which allows Vello to engage customers quickly and maintain that conversation despite having limited staff and availability. This is key in not losing leads to our competitors when it comes down to responding just a few minutes faster.



  • The company is in a growth stage and only offers services in a handful of regions, however, we can't limit the searches down to just those locations because the owners of the property could live anywhere. This is why tracking is crucial, as we are allowing the algorithm to learn over time who an ideal customer is and dipping into the vast amount of data that they have on people to cross-correlate who an ideal customer is.
  • Competing with National companies with larger budgets. Based on reservations, the campaigns the larger companies are running are not very focused and they probably get a lot of clicks that are not relevant to the market at all. They are leaning toward having Giant budgets, so we have to be smarter on which keywords we are allowing ourselves to show up for.. so that we can maximize our budgets.


We have worked with multiple different digital marketing firms in the past and ERM is far and away the best. Kraig and his team are extraordinarily more knowledgeable, honest, and effective than other companies we've worked with. In the last year, they have been a cornerstone of our strategy during which we experienced 10x topline revenue growth. Week after week, the ERM team has shown dedication and flexibility, working with us through any curveballs we sent their way with patience and professionalism. I fully expect to be a customer of ERM for life and could not recommend them more!

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