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200% Increase In Sales & Expansion to Two Locations

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200% Increase
Doubled monthly revenues in less than 8 Months
5x Increase In Visibility
534% Increase In Google Maps visibility In Under a Year
2x Increase in Phone Calls
215% Reported increase in monthly phone calls from Organic traffic

Wise Glass offers to refresh their customer's bathrooms with a custom shower experience that elevates the beauty and value of the home. With nearly no organic traffic coming into the business, The Elite team was ready to step in and help Wise glass scale to new heights so that they could share their incredible work with the Greater Forth Worth area. With GCS Glass under our belt, we were able to very rapidly help them achieve these goals. They have since working with us shared they were able to nearly double their business and expand their team. We look forward to continuing to share that growth with Kevin and his team over at Wise Glass.

Core Fundamentals to make this project a success.

  • Focus on expanding the search radius of the primary location and later opening and improving search presence on the second location
  • Marking Automations have been crucial for this business, so many opportunities can be lost without proper follow-up on leads. The Marketing platform that Elite Results Marketing offers allows a seamless experience so that the hard-earned traffic that the business is paying does not slip through the cracks.
  • Ensuring proper GBP optimizations across both business locations giving the highest amount of search presence for customers searching for the products and services offered.



  • Speed, when you are a smaller company every dollar counts and we understand that at Elite. We worked with Kevin and his team to make changes in a rapid fashion and set priorities on locations that we needed to expand into so that he could realize the highest return on his investment.
  • Home office issues; Google has been attempting to cut down on the amount of spam that is on the GBP platform. This makes home office locations a primer target. When Kevin's primary business location got suspended, the team at Elite stepped in and acted fast to avoid lengthy delays in communication with Google. We leveraged our relationship with Google to get Kevin's GBP reinstated in just a few short days and potentially saved him thousands in lost revenue.


Kevin Wisecarver

What We Did

Search Engine Optimization
Website Design
PR Outreach
Marketing Automations