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Supercharge Your Chiropractic Practice: Personalizing Patient Experience with AI

Integrating forward-thinking AI into your chiropractic office now will increase revenue, improve a patient’s online experience, and create trust and loyalty, resulting in future success and growth. 

The Power of Personalization in Chiropractic Care

Many chiropractic practices use AI to tailor their offerings, increase revenue and personalize experiences. By personalizing offers, many businesses can deliver an optimal customer experience.

The majority of patients prefer ads that are targeted and aligned with what they’re looking for to make the process of receiving particular treatments easier. Because of this, ads that are behaviorally targeted are twice as effective compared to non-targeted ads. Artificial intelligence can help you run targeted ad campaigns, which can help you decrease marketing costs and increase your revenue. When you have AI working behind the scenes, your ads will reach people who are more likely to take action. 

AI can dig through a significant volume of data to offer improved customer segmentation and can also create more impactful ads based on previous ad performances.

How AI Can Enhance Patient Experiences in Your Practice

AI can help with patient engagement in many profound ways. This technology allows providers to engage more deeply with their patients in the right ways while nudging patients to improve their behavior, all without adding to the workload of chiropractors or their staff. 


In many cases, a site visitor seeking chiropractic treatment will leave a site that does not meet their needs in terms of convenience and communication.

AI-Driven Tools to Personalize Patient Communications and Engagement

AI-powered chatbots can help improve engagement and conversions. Using a chatbot instead of a human can also free up resources for other tasks and save on overhead costs.

AI tools can also be used to streamline the booking process. When a potential patient visits your site seeking treatment and wanting to know more about the services that you offer, they will appreciate a simple, fast, and convenient way to book an appointment. In most cases, you’ll lose out on a potential new patient if they have to contact your practice by phone. With chatbots such as NICO, which operates with ChatGPT, your site visitors can interact with NICO to schedule a new appointment in seconds. NICO can draw information from your practice’s current calendar of availability and interact with the new patient to determine the most convenient day and time slot for their appointment. Once a patient has booked the appointment, office staff will receive a notification, so they can contact the new patient by phone to confirm. Staff will also receive a notification if the patient failed to book. 

Additionally, smart chat widgets can pop up when a person is visiting your site and offer them important deals based on their online behavior, encouraging potential new patients to accept these exclusive offers and book an appointment. 

Personalized welcome videos and marketing videos that refer to patients by their names can add another element of personalization that allows patients to build trust and loyalty. 

Tips for Implementing AI-Enhanced Personalization in Your Chiropractic Practice

The first step is identifying your AI needs. Choosing the right types of AI tools will make all the difference. Your choices should be based on the goals you have for your practice. If you’re struggling to follow up with leads, personalized chatbots, such as NICO, can make a significant difference in terms of how many new patients you get every week. Sending personalized videos to site visitors who are interested in a particular service or procedure creates trust and credibility and encourages the recipient to take action. Additionally, chatbots that can provide offers on your site that are tailored to specific visitors can also result in improved conversions. 

By identifying any areas of weakness with in-office processes or online marketing efforts, you can seamlessly incorporate AI-based solutions into your everyday workload. 

Measuring the Impact of Personalization on Patient Retention and Satisfaction

Key performance indicators allow you to closely monitor the success and impact of your marketing efforts, so you can adjust them accordingly, based on KPI data. From Google Analytics to highly complex software programs, there are many options available that will allow you to keep a close eye on your online successes and measure immensely diverse metrics. Cyro Hero, an AI platform offered by Elite Results Marketing, allows you to easily track KPIs for all of your ad campaigns, in one place, making it easy to keep track of your successes and identify which areas of your marketing strategies need to be adjusted. With Cyro Hero, you can easily use KPIs to determine if your efforts paid off in terms of new patients, appointment bookings, improved patient satisfaction, and more. 

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